Quality and sustainability

From the very moment the produce is caught, MÁS DEL MAR engages in and supervises each and every process until final distribution. This allows us to focus on and ensure the overall quality of our products, and respond to market demands and client specifications.

Committed from the beginning with the environment, we are currently developing a FIP (Fishery Improvement Project) with other companies and organizations which belong to the sector, with the aim of certifying the sustainability of fishing by the European surface longline fleet, where the Spanish fleet has special relevance. It is an exciting project called FIP BLUES – Blue Shark and Swordfish EU Surface Longline.


Our OWN FLEET is present in all the major fishing areas. Additionally, we have a wide network of experts in ports all over the world, which allows us to guarantee constant product availability and the best supply for all our clients.


One of our strongest selling points is the CAPACITY AND FLEXIBILITY of our production system, which we can adapt to meet any requirement: vacuum packing, modified atmosphere, skin pack, fillets, loins, skin-on, skinless, etc. We always ensure we meet the strictest quality control standards.


More than a century of experience has provided us with extensive knowledge of the sector. We sell our products WORLDWIDE. The dedication of our Sales and Marketing Department guarantees the best and most efficient response to all our client requests.


Our unbeatable location in the Port of Vigo, and the integration of the most modern logistics processes, enables us to deliver the product HOW AND WHERE it is required within the best time frame and under the highest food safety standards.